Class schedule: February 2009

January 30, 2009

Unleashed – Based on Control Unleashed by Leslie McDervitt
Monday afternoon ‘studio’ class: 2:30-3:30PM – email for details. Lancaster location.
Friday nights: Session II (currently going on in McKinney) 8-9PM – Session III starts the first Friday in March, Email for details. I’m not sure how many spaces we’ll have in this class as current students get first crack at the available spots. Email early – this class WILL fill.

Obedience Basics – beginner obedience, including the usual sit, down, loose leash walking and coming when called, along with general manners and focusing through distractions. Lancaster, TX
6 weeks – $75 – $55 to dogs from a shelter or rescue. This class begins Feb 14th, 2009.
Saturday morning – 10-11AM

Puppy Playschool – Puppy playtime and obedience basics for puppies from 10 weeks to 5 months. This is a drop-in class focused on providing socialization and basic manners to puppies, as well as an opportunity to play off leash with other puppies and carefully selected adult dogs in a safe setting. Lancaster, TX. This class is ongoing- call to reserve a spot. $10/week.
Sunday afternoon – 2-3PM



November 9, 2008

On Friday, Malcolm, Kaylee and I loaded up and headed out to Weatherford, Texas, to visit my friend Bethany (of TexSun collies) and her collies. Bethany raised Kaylee for the first 15 months of her life and did all of her basic socialization and house manners-type work. Kaylee is always very glad to see her again. We played around with some focus work with her youngest dog, Tess, and taught Tess to run through a ground-mounted hoop (she’s not old enough to do much jumping with, but hoops can work on distance control and going THROUGH the jump standards instead of around them. Bethany and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel, so she got a chance to see Kaylee working in public, and ran some errands for her mom. Mal had a great time playing with Peek, one of her dogs, and overall, we had a great time. More news from that later. 😛

Dogstar Academy Classes, Fall 2008

November 6, 2008

I’ll be posting updates about classes here, including information about upcoming classes. So, if you just read cause you’re a friend, oops, sorry. 😛 But I figure you probably won’t unlink for just a post a month. 😛


Ongoing Classes:
Because of the nature of the CU curriculum and it’s focus on dog-oriented rather than exercise-oriented training, students may continue to attend the next session of class at no additional cost (and additional sessions as space allows.)
Control Unleashed- Based on the curriculum in Leslie McDervitt’s AWESOME book.
Session I, Tuesday nights, began on October 21st. The Tuesday night class cycle will start over on December 9th – there are still spaces available in this class. This class runs from 7:30-9PM.
Session II – Monday afternoon, began on November 3rd. This class cycle will end on December 15th and a new session will begin on December 22nd. This class runs from 2-3:30 and there are currently available slots in the next session.

New Classes:
Obedience 101 – beginner obedience for teenaged and adult dogs. We’ll cover the basics here- sit, down, body handling, loose leash walking, attention, a recall, and leave it. Familiarity with clicker training is great but not required. This class runs on Wednesday nights from 8-9PM and the next session starts on November 26th. 7 weeks, $90 per dog/handler team.
Puppy K – Beginner obedience for puppies, with an emphasis on socialization and habituation. This class runs Wednesday nights from 7-8PM and the next session begins November 12th. $90 per dog/handler team.

If you’re interested in any of these, please email