Toy Review – Ruffwear Gourdo

February 19, 2009

Lindsay and I made a trip to REI last night, and despite my intentions of not spending any money, I came home with a new backpack for Kaylee and a new toy to try out for dockdiving.

For dockdiving, it’s important to have a toy that floats and which is easy to throw. I’ve experimented with tennis balls, sticks (Kaylee’s actual favorite, but finding sticks of the right size, that float, and which aren’t TOO filthy or slimy is sort of a hit-or-miss proposition.¬† The toy that I picked up is called a Gourdo, which comes in 3 colors and two sizes. (I paid $11.95 for the large size at REI in Dallas.)

The body is made of soft rubber, and reminds me of the Planet Dog Orbee bones. The blue version is scented¬† (vaguely minty?) like the Orbee bones too, and while none of my dogs seem to care, it’s a nice touch. The black version is made of 30% reclaimed rubber, too,¬† and the materials in all colors are billed as ‘eco-friendly’. It’s a pretty substantial toy, and seems fairly tough as far as the plastic part goes. The rope is a soft nylon rope which seems very unlikely to fray, but which does make this a toy that’s not meant for unsupervised play- I suspect most dogs would strongly enjoy giving it a nibble or two.

This toy is GREAT to throw- it’s substantial enough that you can really fling it quite a long way, and it’s highly visible with good contrast on a variety of surfaces. Kaylee and Mal both seem to like the unpredictable way it bounces, and it’s quickly becoming a coveted toy at our house!