About Us

Dogstar Academy is a small training business located in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to help our clients have a positive relationship and well-behaved, well-adjusted pets.

About the dogs in the header-

From left to right:

Bou – Tricreek Lazy Monk CGC, my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and the little dog who got me started on this whole training odyssey when we got our CGC and went “Wow, that was fun, now what?”

Indy – Lakewood Indian Summer, another Cardigan. Brilliant, beautiful, and sneaky as all get out. Indy was co-owned with my parents and spent much of his last year teaching them about responsible dog ownership and how to properly serve their new corgi overlord. Indy passed away in February of 2009.

Wings – Rough collie, my first service dog, and first collie. Wings taught me so much about teamwork, and patience, and all sorts of wonderful things. Wings was put to sleep on Labor Day, 2006, after suffering from a series of cluster seizures that could not be controlled with medication. She was not quite two years old.

Mal – Tricreek Big **** Hero. Ostensibly Wings’ replacement, my first smooth collie and a part of my continuing love affair with tricolors. Mal has decided he would rather be a show and performance dog than a service dog- and that’s okay, I love him anyway. Mal has a hilarious sense of humor and puts himself into the MOST riduculous poses, and should be competing in obedience and rally this summer.

Lizzie – Gruess Gott Liesel, German Spitz (Mittel). Performance puppy, future show dog, and hopefully, someday, my foundation bitch. Lizzie has a whole blog JUST about her and the German Spitz breed, located here. We joke that Lizzie did her best to come out tricolor for me- she has a touch of white on her chest and several white toes.

Kaylee – Tairis Gone With The Wind. Malcolm’s half sister, another rough collie and yet another tricolor, who is taking over for him in service dog training. Kaylee was donated by her breeder and co-owner after she matured to have a slightly faulty head which would be to her detriment in the show ring; she will compete in obedience and rally obedience as a part of her life here.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Brenda says:

    Love your crew!! That one of the corgi and the book is priceless!!

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