First week of Saturday Small Groups!

Yesterday was our first “Saturday Small Group” meeting at Best Friends Fun Farm, and it was a blast. Crystal and her Aussie Beacon and Mark and his Standard Schnauzer Baron came out to work on specific issues in a slightly different setting from our laid-back CU classes or a full-on agility class or match. Beacon worked on remaining calm with dogs moving and doing jumps,  and returning to a calm state after running himself. Baron and Mark worked mostly on remaining connected when there were other dogs on the perimeter of the working area, blocked off by gates.

Meredith, our new assistant trainer, brought her miniature schnauzers Kiba and Stryder and worked on quiet in the crate and building a bit of speed for Kiba, and jumping with Stryder.

I brought Kaylee and Lizzie along and worked on jumping with both of them. Lizzie also worked a little bit on distance and going to a jump from further away.

This is going to be a regular feature for our CU students and we think it will be lots of fun. 🙂


One Response to First week of Saturday Small Groups!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I prefer the term “training slave” to “assistant”. It makes us sound much more hard-core. 😉

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