A eulogy for Indy

On Wednesday, the world lost one of its great dogs.

Indy (aka Indiana Bones and Indy-nomicron) was a seven year old tricolored Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He was owned and dearly loved by Cait, and spent most of his time recently with her parents, where he could be an only dog and get ALL of the attention (which was how it should be, in his mind!).

I first met him a couple of years ago, and he introduced me to how awesome Cardis are. I found him a joy to work with. He was stubborn, drivey, creative, and very confident – the kind of dog that some people dread working with but that I adore. He loved pushing his limits – while working, he’d look at you with a glint in his eye and say, “Can I do it THIS way?” It was wonderful to see a corgi with his drive, and I’ll never forget playing tug with him, with him gripping the tug even when lifted off the ground and swung around.

Indy was always thrilled to see his friends – he’d run at you and fling himself up against your legs, grinning madly. When he saw Cait, his expression would soften – excited still, but with a softer smile and adoration shining out of his eyes. He charmed everyone he met, and amassed quite a fan club over the course of his life.

Cait misses you, Indy, and so do I and everyone else who knew you – there’s an Indy-shaped hole in our world. You blessed our lives and made them richer for knowing you.


5 Responses to A eulogy for Indy

  1. Wonderful eulogy, thank you Lindsey.

    My heart goes out to you, and your family Cait. RIP grumpy Corgi man. You were loved. So loved.

  2. Holly says:

    Dear Cait & Family,

    We will not forget Indy, and it was fun when he stayed with us. How much alike he was to his Uncle Tristan. Tristan is our grumpy old man who would so prefer to be the only dog, but I can bare to let him go.

    Here is a card for you when you are ready to view it: http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcardm.asp?code=1765929495480&ob=1

    Hugs, Holly

  3. katrin says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Indy’s passing.

  4. […] group of dogs, with cast iron stomachs and efficient corgi metabolisms (I am looking at you, Indy (probably nomming away on voles at the Bridge) and Summer, Huntress of Very Surprised Jackrabbits […]

  5. Jodene says:

    I’m so sorry 😦 Speedy travels to a great furkid.

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