Dogstar Academy Classes, Fall 2008

I’ll be posting updates about classes here, including information about upcoming classes. So, if you just read cause you’re a friend, oops, sorry. 😛 But I figure you probably won’t unlink for just a post a month. 😛


Ongoing Classes:
Because of the nature of the CU curriculum and it’s focus on dog-oriented rather than exercise-oriented training, students may continue to attend the next session of class at no additional cost (and additional sessions as space allows.)
Control Unleashed- Based on the curriculum in Leslie McDervitt’s AWESOME book.
Session I, Tuesday nights, began on October 21st. The Tuesday night class cycle will start over on December 9th – there are still spaces available in this class. This class runs from 7:30-9PM.
Session II – Monday afternoon, began on November 3rd. This class cycle will end on December 15th and a new session will begin on December 22nd. This class runs from 2-3:30 and there are currently available slots in the next session.

New Classes:
Obedience 101 – beginner obedience for teenaged and adult dogs. We’ll cover the basics here- sit, down, body handling, loose leash walking, attention, a recall, and leave it. Familiarity with clicker training is great but not required. This class runs on Wednesday nights from 8-9PM and the next session starts on November 26th. 7 weeks, $90 per dog/handler team.
Puppy K – Beginner obedience for puppies, with an emphasis on socialization and habituation. This class runs Wednesday nights from 7-8PM and the next session begins November 12th. $90 per dog/handler team.

If you’re interested in any of these, please email


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