Kaylee’s Training Log – 08/15/08

Just a quick trip today – ran by my caseworker’s office to get some papers, then swung by Mom’s to drop off a check, and a short stop at Half Price Books, where Kaylee had a bit of a tough time ignoring folks who thought she was cute. (Good Kaylee for staying more or less in heel position. Bad Kaylee for doing the whole tail thumping, collie-grinning “PLEASE PET ME” flirting in the first place.)

Nice tight right turns (left turns still need some work) and autoplacement is going GREAT. She did a VERY good job of positioning herself in front of me (out of the flow of traffic) while I was browsing the shelves and backing up when I moved to my left (she needed a command the first time but once she figured out what I wanted, did it automatically. Smart girl!) Auto sits are coming along too- they need to be straighter if I’m going to compete with her, but that’s an ongoing project.

Time: 2 hours
Worked on: sit, down, heel, stays, positioning

ETA (because I forgot to log it): Kaylee also went to therapy on Monday with me and did very well. We REALLY need to work on proofing against collie-flirting, though. Total time: 1.5 hours.


One Response to Kaylee’s Training Log – 08/15/08

  1. Bethany says:

    Now you know, Katie’s always been a flirt. 😛 She is positive that she is simply irresistible. 😀

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