It’s been a busy, busy month.

Since my last post, Mal has been in the breed ring 10 times, the rally ring once, and we’ve spent 13 days at dog shows. 😛 I’ve had a friend visiting from across the country along with her (very impressive) GSD, who ahs been competing in obedience and agility.

In Dallas, Mal showed three days, with no competition. (There was a class bitch entered who did not show up, unfortunately.) Harley, Tina and Larry Patterson’s beautiful blue merle special girl- who is almost 9!- took the variety all three days.

In San Antonio, Malcolm went BOV on Thursday and Friday. Unfortuantely, there was no competition. However, he had a great time and got to go and run around in the group with the big dogs! On Saturday and Sunday, there was a special- a beautiful tri boy named Gabe, who we did not manage to beat. Oh well. 😛 It’s a long way to travel for no competition, but it was lots of fun, and I got to see my friend Elaine.

In Houston, we were REALLY late on Friday and my friend (who showed him for me) barely managed to get him into the ring at ring time- he went in with no grooming done, and didn’t do anything. We did manage to get a leg on his Rally Novice title that afternoon, though. On Saturday, however, he went WD for his first point. 🙂 Sunday, he was DONE with dog shows, and decided to behave like a squirrely goof. He’s VERY
glad to be home and have a few days off.
Kaylee visited her breeder Debbie while we were in Houston, and then stayed with her co-owner, Bethany (whose blog is linked here- click on Tex-Sun collies to check it out!) while we were in Houston. She’s also very glad to be home. 😛

Things should be calming down in the next few weeks and my normal posting schedule will resume, along with a more detailed trip report. Progress on my new house proceeds and we SHOULD be moved just before the October 25th deadline.


One Response to It’s been a busy, busy month.

  1. Bethany says:

    Congrats again on the point and on the leg! Kaylee had a grand ol’ time hanging out here, and she fit right back in with the other dogs. Chase misses her terribly.

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