RIP dog fancy of Dallas…

The revised animal ordinances – including the mandatory spay/neuter parts- were passed this morning by city council. They won’t have any effect by the show- it looks like hey come into effect October 25th.

But we need to show the city of Dallas why this is a mistake. So if you come to these shows? Spend NO money in Dallas.

Buy your gas and food elsewhere, don’t stay in the Dallas hotels. It’s early enough to cancel reservations and re-arrange things.

Don’t support a city that won’t support us.
If you breed and don’t live here? Be very afraid. This law was snuck up on us, and the AR people were VERY organized.

If you breed and live here, where WERE YOU? We had good turn out at the meeting today, but at every other city council meeting, it’s been the same faces.


2 Responses to RIP dog fancy of Dallas…

  1. jan says:

    Unfortunately the AR people are always well organized and well financed so they can sucker many people into passing these laws under their false pretenses. We are dodging a bullet in California but they will never stop until there are no pets.

  2. Emily says:

    I pray to any god that exists that the plan to eradicate pets stops, and we can go back to normal. I don’t see an end in sight, but I wish there was one.

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