Kaylee’s Training Log – June 13th-20th, 2008

(Sorry for the lack of updates- It’s been a busy week. )

June 13th – Today we went to Petsmart and then Half Price books with Lindsay and Grady. (Kaylee needs to work on waiting her turn to unload, as she shoved poor Grady out of the car in the parking lot. Poor guy has road rash! She’s got the idea of waiting for a command from a person- but not on letting other dogs go first.)

Kaylee’s LLW is decent by default, but she’s got a long way to go as far as actually paying attention. Right now, she’s just sort of meandering along with me.

June 14th – worked on attention and ‘watch me’ to fix above problem. Discovered after some experimenting that Kaylee *is* paying attention to me- she’ll slow down when I do but we need to work on timing- she will continue out and stop just short of the end of the leash. “The leash is still loose, momma, so this is allowed, right?”

dogs at city hallJune 17th – went to a walk to protest the draconian new animal ordinance down at City Hall. Kaylee was AWESOME.

June 18th – went to Ikea to look at a sofa bed for my friend Xeph’s visit next month. Was there about an hour, worked on attention and downs.

Total training time (all week): 4.5 hours


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