Kaylee’s Training Log – #8

Saturday, June 7 & Sunday, June 8, 2008.

Kaylee has recovered nicely from her spay, so it’s time to get back to work. 🙂 We started off with a bang, leaving early on Saturday morning in order to pick up Lindsay, my training partner, and head out for Kaylee’s first restaurant public access experience. My initial plan was to sit outside on the patio (where dogs are allowed), but at the urging of my diabolical mentor enabler fellow trainer, we sat inside. Overall, this was a good decision- there was a pet dog (a darling white husky who looked very much like a former foster of mine who lives in that neighborhood) on the patio as well, and I think that would have been one distration too many.

The good: 0 vocalizations, no food theft (or even attempted food theft, although there were a few incidences of Sad Collie Eyes.), and no attempts to leave the table.

What we still need to work on: stays, especially down-stays. Kaylee was fairly content to stay in place beside the table, and she stayed in the SPOT where I put her- but there was a lot of position changing and itching. (In retrospect? We think it was a combination of new shampoo + new vest. Oops.) There’s a LOT of work to be done there. Although she was getting better towards the end of our meal, a FLY started dive bombing her and that, apparently, was just TOO much. At one point, she bonked her nose on the glass (we were seated next to a window in a corner) while trying to keep ti in sight. *sigh* Overall though, she was pretty good.

Owner training is tough- you’ve GOT to have high standards, but at the same time, you’ve also got to be realistic. Dogs in training are in training for a reason- they’re learning. In an ideal world, no one would EVER take a dog out in public until the final stages of proofing. Realistically, it doesn’t always work out this way. I think in retrospect I might have stuck to the patio with Kaylee- but I’m also fairly sure it wasn’t as major as it FELT- not everyone is there to stare at my service dog, and I actually didn’t see ANYONE looking at her the entire time we were there, even if *I* felt like her changing positions was really distracting. Now that she’s back from her vacation, though, it’s full steam ahead with REAL training.

Total time: 1 hour
Behaviors worked on: Manners, sit, down, leave it.

Today was just for fun. We went to a dock dogs practice out in Rockwall. Kaylee, not being a water dog or particularly prey driven, didn’t think too much of it, but she did go in the water once after her toy. I started feeling really dizzy and nauseated after we’d been there for about 45 minutes, so we packed up (Lindsay took her springer spaniel, Thunder, out, and he had a BLAST, even if she DID have to go into the pond to retrieve him when he was having too much fun to come back) and came on home.

Behaviors worked on: Nothing useful.


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