Today was not a good day-  my apartment was broken into this morning (we’re all fine, nothing was taken, Mal chased him off before anything happened but it was scary as hell) and I didn’t accomplish any real training today. I only went out once today to buy dog food (why is it I can get things done for them that I can’t for myself?) and took Kaylee with me to City Pet Life over in Preston Royal.

We did some basic leash manners work- a little bit of LLW and luring into a straight sit (groundwork for future competition heeling) and practiced sit-and-waits while I read lists of ingredients. Mal is a very picky eater and I’m constantly trying to find a food that he likes well enough to eat consistantly that also doesn’t upset his stomach. (Picked up a bag of Fromm’s Surf N Turf; he did well on the old formula that was Whitefish & Potato, but this is grain-free, apparently. We’ll see. Last week we picked up the Taste of the Wild Gamebird formula, but a 4# bag ($13.95) didn’t go far at all among the three guys, and is just a little out of what I want to spend when I’m trying to save money for other things. A grain-free food seems to agree with Mal- maybe it’s time to try raw again- or I just need to suck it up and put him on one food and the girls on something else.


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