Kaylee’s Training Log – #6

In case anyone’s noticed? The “Days” on the training logs refer to training days, not how long Kaylee’s been here. I’m changing this now, because well, it’s confusing. I don’t bother to record days during which we do less than a solid half-hour of focused training, mostly since well, I’m lazy. Ish. (I can’t be THAT lazy, or I wouldn’t be getting so much (HAH!) done.) Kaylee has been here two weeks as of tomorrow (Tuesday) tonight.

Today (Monday), we took the train down to Lancaster. Worked on sitting and waiting politely at the station and then general ‘staying-out-of-the-wayness’ on the train itself. The nice thing about travelling at the end of rush hour is that you get the benefit of the more frequent trains (40 minute trip vs 1 hour) but it’s not super-crowded. Kaylee did very well and I shaped the behavior of sitting between my feet and facing outwards and then backing in to put her butt under the seat and down between my feet. She’s not truly operant* yet, but she’s beginning to catch on that her behavior IS connected to the click. Her strongest established behaviors are all stationary- stacking for the show ring is her default behavior and given attention to the person holding the leash, followed by sitting.

Had dinner (sans Kaylee) at Chili’s with Lindsay and her SO, caught a movie, and then did one more quick training session with Kaylee before heading home. Worked on recalls (on a long-line) and introduced “away” meaning to go away from whoever is sending her- we’ll introduce a target to that same cue later on- right now we are just building a reinforcement history for speed on recalls- she’s not sufficiently bonded to me yet to use drive alone, so we’re doing it the long way.

Total training time: 2 hours
Behaviors worked on: sit, down, placement manners, recall, go out.

*- In clicker training, a dog is considered ‘operant’ when they have made the connection that they cause the click to happen and actively experiments by interacting with their environment to see what things will produce a reinforcing response; most dogs take a fair amount of time to come to this point, and a dog who is trained incorrectly with a clicker (where the clicker is used simply as praise or an intermediate bridge, rather than a proper marker, may never become truly operant.


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