Kaylee’s Training Log – Days 4-5

(May 10th, 2008 ) (Posting late because I saved this as a draft instead of hitting publish. Oops.)

I worked most of this afternoon, so the dogs stayed home. Around 8, I headed back to the house, walked everyone quickly, and then loaded Kaylee up in the truck for a quick trip to Half Price Books. Most (I think all?) Half Price Books locations allow well-behaved dogs and the largest store in the chain is located on Northwest Highway just east of Central Expressway. It’s HUGE- it used to be a department store (Sterling’s) and is about twice the size of your average Borders or B&N, with an attached (but separate doors and enclosed) cafe and a great meeting area where my craft club used to meet. We worked on sit and (lured) downs with distractions and remaining focused on me with other people moving around. Kaylee did quite well- down is still a challenge for her, but is coming along okay.  I’m beginning to work on capturing a down-at-my-feet/side when I sit down, which she’s started to do fairly automatically, and she’s begun laying down of her own accord when I stop in one place for more than 4-5 minutes or stand and talk to someone for a while. Both these are good things- she’s getting more comfortable with downing in various places, even if it’s not on a cue yet.

I don’t normally take puppies to HPB at all (I’ve taken Lizzie a few times for fun, but this is one of those unfairnesses of being a small dog versus a large one :P), and we run into only a few dogs there. I always hesitate to tell people about it, because it’d really ruin our enjoyment of it if too many people knew about it and badly-behaved dogs started showing up there or (heaven forbid) they banned dogs altogether. So, Dallas people? If you read my blog, you have been warned. My dogs don’t bite but I do, so don’t mess up my favorite training location.

I’d originally gone back to pick up a Freestyle Obedience book I’d spotted on my previous trip with Kaylee to Half Price, but I was really glad I’d gone back- I got new copies of “Bones Would Rain From the Sky” and “The Culture Clash” for my lending library, a tracking book, the freestyle book (which has a picture of a German Spitz in it!)

Skills & Notes: sit & down, attention, manners
Time: 45 minutes.

(May 11th, 2008 )

This afternoon Kaylee and I went to my parents’ house to have Mother’s Day LUnch with my parents. This was the first time they’d met Kaylee and everything went relatively well. Indy (our- by which I mean mine but my parents have stolen him- almost-seven-year-old Cardigan) was not so impressed with her and felt the need to snark at her for daring to get under HIS table, on HIS bed, or near HIS cat and HIS cat’s cat food.  Lots of noise and a little bit of shrieking, but no damage to either Kaylee or Indy (can’t say the same for his ego; he’s now on NILIF for a month.). Indy can be SUCH a brat-dog.

Did some work on leave it and a few recalls since Mom was willing to help with them. Recalls need serious work- Kaylee has a decent informal recall but needs serious proofing against distractions. (Hmm. This may be the excuse I’ve been looking for to order the “Really Reliable Recall” DVD).

This evening we’ve worked more on sits and downs, and done some grooming.

Worked on: sits, downs, leave it, recall
Training Time: 1 hour
No changes on the equipment front; still using the Premier martengale collar. I’m really not happy with it; it’s catching in her hair (it’s an all-cloth model but the seams are not as smooth on this collar (which is about a year old, a hand-me-down from Mal) as on new ones.)


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